The Humpback Whale

Humpback Whale

The Humpback got its name not because it has a humped back, but because as it prepares to dive, it lifts itself out of the water, giving onlookers a view of its arched or “humped” back. The Humpback whale weighs between 20-40 tonnes. Scientists have discovered that each and every Humpback has a fluke; or unique tail shape and colouring. This fluke is distinctive to the whale as our fingerprints are to us. By noting this, researchers can identify an individual whale and track it as it goes about its life in the ocean.

It seems that the male Humpback whales are very romantic. It appears that they sing long, complex love songs to attract the ladies. Although the North American Atlantic and the North American Pacific whales sing the same song, each specific population of Humpbacks has its own unique tune. These sounds can travel for more than 20 miles under water. The Humpback eats more than a tonne of food each day and the average dive is 10 to 15 minutes for adult whales.