February Newsletter

February 2014


Dear Residents and Friends

During December 2013 and January 2014, we have been quite busy preparing proposals and applications for funding for the 2014 tourism season.  Believe it or not, spring is only about 40 days away.  Tourism Elliston has applied to the Canada Summer Jobs and Young Canada Works programs for summer student jobs.  Funding applications have been submitted to Canadian Heritage for both the Bird Island Puffin Festival and Roots, Rants, and Roars Festival.  Tourism Elliston, in partnership with Trinity Historical Society Inc., Cape Random Trust Inc., Sir William Ford Coaker Heritage Foundation Inc., and the Bonaventure to English Harbour Development Association, has collaborated to put forward a funding proposal to ACOA and IBRD on a cultural craft development proposal for the Bonavista Peninsula.  Tourism Elliston has also submitted a proposal to ACOA and IBRD for funding for Phase II of an interpretation plan for Elliston with the goal of establishing a root cellar interpretation centre at our Puffin Site.

In our last newsletter, I referred to the fact that we had partnered with the Trinity Historical Society to have some restoration work completed on the Tilley store/barn.  We are happy to report that the foundation of the building has been stabilized and some clapboard has been put on.  We have purchased all necessary board and clapboard to complete the building.  We hope to partner with the Trinity Historical Society again later this spring on another project to obtain funds for the labour component.  We would like to thank Myron and the Town of Elliston for their support with this project which enabled us to stabilize the building.  We would also like to thank Jim Miller and Dean Bailey for their contribution in getting this proposal off the ground.  Tourism Elliston’s investment so far in the project is at a cost of $2500.

The Annual Tree Lighting was again a success.  Residents and the Salvation Army Band battled a cold and at times snowy night, which no doubt created a festive atmosphere.  Again, thank you to the Band for coming down and special thanks to Fred Cuff for supplying the lighting for the occasion.

Tourism Elliston, again this year, partnered with Geraldine Baker to provide two $200 scholarships for students at Discovery Collegiate in memory of her father, Ack Ryan, a director with Tourism Elliston for many years.  Geraldine attended the award night and made the presentations.

Tourism Elliston would like to congratulate the Elliston Heritage Foundation on their recent article in The Packet, “Work progressing on Sealing Disaster Memorial.”  Anne Barker’s article highlighted the work from day one to the present day.  Myrtle is to be congratulated for providing an in-depth account of the progress.  Leo Power, co-chair of the Home from the Sea Campaign, complimented the residents of the community and the groups involved.  Leo states that “the people of Elliston have made this project happen and they were eager to support it!”

Tourism Elliston is pleased to welcome a new community partner, the Elliston Business Partnership.  Nine local businesses and/or stakeholders have come together to form this new community partner.  Their mandate is to promote each other and by doing so, promote the tourism assets of the town and the region.  The group recently held their second meeting and adopted a constitution and elected a Board of Directors.  Cheryl Durdle, from Nanny’s Root Cellar Kitchen, became the newly elected President.  We would like to give special thanks to Neal Tucker who created the groundwork for the adopted constitution.  This is a first for our community and may I speak for all groups in the community in welcoming this new community partner.

Dates have not yet been announced for the Puffin Festival.  This should happen toward the end of February and will be posted on our website, Facebook page, and Twitter account.  Bands have tentatively booked for Friday and Saturday nights.

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of World War I (1914-1918), Neal Tucker, President of the Discovery Shooting Range, has announced a unique attraction for the Community of Elliston—“A Great War Trench in Elliston.”  The trench will be very similar to those active in the First World War—the same type of trenches that soldiers from all over the British Isles fought and died in.  Work on this should begin in early spring and when completed, rifles can actually be fired from it just like they did from 1914-1918.  Tourism Elliston wishes the Discovery Shooting Club every success with this unique venture.

On February 4, 2014, the Town of Elliston hosted a partnership meeting with representations from all the local partners in the community.  Tourism Elliston had initially hosted a meeting on December 3, 2013.  Each of the five partners gave a presentation on their recent activities and plans for the next few months.  These meetings are very fruitful and enable us to all partner at various times to work toward common goals in the best interest of the Town.  The next partnership meeting will be held in April and will be hosted by the Discovery Shooting Club.  An exact date will be announced at a later time.

Tourism Elliston has partnered with Custom Computer Centre again this year and is excited to announce that the main prize at our ticket gazebo at the Puffin Festival will be a Samsung 60” LED Television.  Tickets are $2 each or three for $5.  As we did with the car in 2006, we are offering a similar special promotion.  Individuals can sign up for $5 a month for a five month period from February to June ($25 total) to receive $25 worth of free tickets (15 free tickets).  This is a great offer and we encourage all our residents and friends to sign up.  Buy $25 worth of tickets, and receive $25 worth free!  Interested individuals can call me at 468-7080 or come to the office to sign up.  Anyone out of town who wants to participate in this offer, especially people coming home for the 2014 Festival, can forward a cheque or money order payable to:

Tourism Elliston
P.O. Box 179
Elliston, NL  A0C 1N0

Tickets will then be forwarded to you.  Jesse Laite from Clarenville was last year’s winner of our Samsung 51” Plasma TV.  Get your tickets now!  You could be the proud owner of a Samsung 60” LED TV!  Thanks to Jason and Kim at Custom Computer Centre for coming on board with this promotion.

Tourism Elliston announced late summer 2013 that the organization would oversee and provide mentorship to the establishment of a youth group, “The Young Puffins of Elliston.”  Several young residents of our community expressed interest in this group at that time.  We are now ready to proceed with this initiative.  This project, strictly volunteer, will engage the youth of our community from the ages of 12-18 to take interest and pride in our community and heritage.  It will give our young people an early sense of the pride of being a volunteer.  They will experience first-hand how they can make a difference in a community.  By forming their own organization, they will learn the protocol involved in conducting meetings.  More importantly, this will be a social group involved in social and community concerns.  They will establish their own mandate, taking into consideration where they would like to see their community go in respect to recreation and tourism.  The educational system is placing a high value on volunteerism and so are potential employers.  If you have a young person in your family, please discuss this initiative with him or her.  Call me at 468-7080 or e-mail me at rootcellars@persona.ca to forward the name.  Once we have compiled a list of interested individuals, we will call our first meeting.  This will be a great community project; we hope to establish another and more youthful community partner.


Calv Hayley
Event Planner for Tourism Elliston