May Newsletter 2013

Dear Residents and Friends

Plans for the 16th Annual Bird Island Puffin Festival are well underway and no doubt in the coming weeks will shift into high gear. The June newsletter will provide a detailed account of the schedule of entertainment and events that we have planned. We have also mapped out the plan of attack for the 2013 edition of Roots, Rants, and Roars. Ticket sales started on Friday, May 10 and within 90 minutes, we sold $31,000 worth of tickets! Anybody who would like to get tickets to this event should do it sooner, rather than later. Tickets can be purchased online at

Last year, Matt Tucker and his team, Target Marketing, were in Elliston at Roots, Rants, and Roars to produce some marketing material for the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. The content shot last fall is now live on NLT’s Youtube channel. It will not be promoted until later, but it is available for public view. The five videos have received the stamp of approval as another tool in the promotion of Newfoundland and Labrador worldwide. The success of Roots, Rants, and Roars has contributed enormously to the promotion of Elliston on the world stage, and has opened the door for further economic development in the Tourism sector in the region.

Tourism Elliston would like to congratulate Bert and Helen Fisher, Mountain Ridge Cabins, on the opening of their second cabin here in Elliston. We are also pleased to see the reopening of Nanny’s Root Cellar Kitchen under the management team of Zachary Durdle and Cheryl Butler. We wish them and their staff every success in their new business venture.

For the past 15 years, the Town of Elliston and the Recreation Committee have been major partners with us in helping us fulfill our mandate in promoting tourism; not only in Elliston but also in the region. The sharing of resources, infrastructure, and personnel is what true partnership is all about. Both have contributed financially to many of our initiatives which have helped fuel their success. We also look forward to working with the Elliston Heritage Foundation as we move closer to the much anticipated 2014 celebrations.

As previously announced, Linda Warren-Bray from Stitches from the Rock, Charleston, has agreed to make a puffin quilt for this year’s festival. Linda has completed the quilt and handed it to me on Thursday, May 9. We thank Linda for this tremendous donation; she will attend the Puffin Festival to make the official presentation.

For the second year in a row, we have partnered with the Atlantic Lottery Corporation to promote this year’s festival. This is a good example of the Corporation putting money back in the community. A cheque in the amount of $1,000 will be forthcoming. Thanks to our friends at Atlantic Lottery!

In the last newsletter, we referred to the fact that Tourism Elliston requested some financial assistance for the Puffin Festival from Canadian Heritage’s Building Communities through Arts and Heritage Program. We are glad to announce that the Government of Canada has provided funding of $4,100 for this year’s festival. We would like to extend our gratitude for this contribution. It will ensure that residents and visitors of the Elliston area will be able to enjoy local entertainment and music, and appreciate traditional Newfoundland food and delicacies.

Tourism Elliston is very appreciative of the fact that CBC Television and Land and Sea have made available, free of charge, three DVD copies of each of the three programs they have aired: Root Cellar Pride, Caught out in a Storm, and The Newfoundland Disaster. They will be showcased in our Visitor Centre and the new Sealers Interpretation Centre. These videos will be shared by the Elliston Heritage Foundation and Tourism Elliston. A special thanks to Carolyn Atkinson, senior media librarian with CBC Television, for giving special attention to preparing the DVDs for us.

The Targeted Initiative for Older Workers referred to in the March newsletter is up and running. Elsie Eddy, Rowena Durdle, and Gertie Dalton are the three employees who will work with Tourism Elliston. During the past few weeks, they have been involved in a training program; however, we have still found time to work on some festival-related activities and have taken craft products in on consignment at our craft shop.

The Elliston Adventure Craft Store will open for business on June 2 or June 3. Over the past couple of months, I’ve been involved in many meetings on cultural craft development and the efforts to make this peninsula a cultural craft destination. We are working with many of our partners to bring this to fruition. Brenda Stratton, craft sector specialist with Innovation, Business and Rural Development, will be visiting our store in the days ahead to give a presentation on marketing material and displays, and work with our staff on the same. Currently, a two-day event is planned for craft store owners, operators, craft producers, and professional artists. A familiarization tour is scheduled for May 27 and a workshop for May 28. If any craft producer would like to take part in this tour, please call me at 468-7080.

Tourism Elliston recently hired Chantille Prince-Stagg, a student of College of the North Atlantic’s Office Administration program, on a part-time basis. We would like to congratulate Chantille on winning gold at the Skills Canada provincial competition this past April. In winning gold, she earned the opportunity to represent our province in Vancouver, BC at the Skills Canada national competition in June. Chantille has already worked with me on several, very important tourism related proposals and initiatives over the past couple of months. I recently prepared a resource document for Tourism Elliston on Root Cellaring and the Art and Science of Root Cellaring. Jonathan Pike volunteered to take pictures for this project, and Chantille worked them into the script. This resource paper will be on our upcoming website for all to see. Thanks to both for their assistance.

Ryan Pearce, son of Rod and Lisa Pearce from Bonavista, whose roots are in Elliston, recently did Elliston proud. Ryan, a grade eight student at Matthew Elementary, was chosen along with four others from the school to participate in the latest regional Heritage Fair in Trinity. Ryan’s project was selected the number one project in the entire regional fair. Ryan was awarded the Heritage Certificate for effective presentation of the theme “My Newfoundland and Labrador.” He received a special Newfoundland coin collection, with one coin dating back to the 1900’s. Donna Butt also presented him with the Rising Tide Award, which carried with it a $20 cash prize and a free pass to any evening performance of the Rising Tide Theatre. Congratulations from Tourism Elliston!

Service Canada, under the Summer Job Program, has recently approved Tourism Elliston for five jobs for students, at 30 hours per week for seven weeks. When we get official notification we will advertise those positions. We are very thankful again this year to partner with Service Canada in providing meaningful work for students in the area.

Finally, I would like to announce that our Green Team Proposal, a unique heritage project of restoring and constructing root cellars in Elliston, has been selected to be one of the identified projects for the 2013 Green Team Program. This program is managed by Conservation Corps Newfoundland and Labrador. We are grateful to be a participating partner. In order to get this project, Tourism Elliston had to put a $3,000 cash investment into it. It will provide four jobs for eight weeks. Conservation Corps NL receives funding for the Green Team Program from the Department of Advanced Education and Skills. CCNL hires a regional supervisor who will hire the Green Team to work on our project. The Team will be made up of four youth, one team leader, and three team members hired from the local area. CCNL will carry out all administrative functions. Tourism Elliston will work with Conservation Corps NL to see that this project is successful; as well as ensure adequate resource personnel, office space, and a contact person is always available throughout the summer. We will provide all materials, tools, etc. necessary for the project to be a success, and fulfill other obligations as authorized in our Green Team proponents responsibilities and duties that we signed off on. I’ve attached all information needed on the Green Team positions, and application forms are available at the tourism office or online at

Feel free to contact me anytime at 468-7080 or email me at


Calv Hayley
Event Planner for Tourism Elliston