Root Cellars

In the summer of 2012 Tourism Elliston member, Calvin Hayley, began officiating the first bus, caravan and individual group tours of the Elliston root cellars. These tours, which span a few hours, act as an inexpensive access to the cultural history of Elliston for curious tourists who are eager to learn and explore the towns rich heritage. If you choose to partake in one of these tours you will not only get a chance to accumulate some of the knowledge passed on by the old-timers who have built these cellars, but you will actually have an opportunity to venture within these grassy-cavities and truly understand why rootcellaring is both an art and a science.

Despite their name, the Root Cellar Tours do not stop at just the cellars, but instead continue to the famous Elliston puffin viewing site where visitors get a chance to get up close and personal with the thousands of birds that populate the area.

To receive additional information call the Tourism Elliston offices at 709-468-7080.

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