Due to Covid-19, the Bird Island Puffin Festival is cancelled for 2020.  

The Bird Island Puffin Festival is a week-long event that takes place during the third week of July. The annual festivity was launched in 1998 and is a popular attraction for locals and tourist alike.

We use vegetables from our root cellars to put off one of the biggest jigs’ dinner in the province. We host hours of entertainment, music, games, crafts, variety shows, & our highly enjoyed Peninsula Idol competition.

Thousands of people have eagerly taken part over the years to share in the celebration of our roots.

Visit our Facebook page for updates: Bird Island Puffin Festival -  Elliston, NL

Elliston Municipal Park
Jiggs Dinner cooked with root cellar vegatables.
Enjoying lunch at Coles Gulch
Lunch at Coles Gulch
Bobber Race
Game Booths