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Other Attractions

Sandy Cove Beach

Elliston also lays claim to one of the most beautiful sandy beaches on the island, Sandy Cove Beach. The sand is so fine that capelin refuse to roll on this beach.  It's been a popular summer destination for tourists and locals alike for many decades.

The beach offers sun, fun, and surf for all.



Coles Gulch 

Coles Gulch played a significant role in the economic well being of Elliston for nearly 200 years when inshore fishing was the way of life for this outport community.  History and pictures are shared on tourist boards in the area.  It is also a beautiful spot to take pictures and have a picnic.  


Elliston Municipal Park

Situated in Sandy Cove, opposite Sandy Cove Beach, the Municipal Park offers a great overnight stay.  The campground has 16 service lots, a tenting area, and picnic sites. The Municipal Park’s infrastructure makes it the ideal location for both the Bird Island Puffin Festival and the Roots, Rants, & Roars Festival.  The Gary Baker Memorial Campground is also adjacent offering an area for tents.  To book a serviced lot, please call 709-468-2649.


Scenic Maberly

Just past the Puffin Site, you'll find the community of Maberly.  "...A lovely spot is Maberly, this hamlet by the sea, in summer when the tourist come, they love its scenery..." -Aubrey Pearce


Hiking Trails

There is access to two hiking trails in the town, the Klondike Trail from the North Side in Elliston and the Maberly entrance for the Maberly - Little CatalinaTrail.

The Klondike Trail is five kilometres each way from Elliston to Spillars Cove. The Klondike Trail was built from funds allocated by the Colonial government in the 1840’s. The trail started as a road to connect Elliston and Bonavista by way of Spillars Cove.  The five km is rated easy to moderate.  It also offers the hiker a chance to step back in time and retrace the footsteps of those who made their way from town to town as far back as the mid 1800’s.

The Maberly - Little Catalina Trail is much longer at 17km and rated as moderate-difficult as you follow the rugged shoreline.  The trail was traditionally used by berry pickers and hunters.  A popular picnic area, Flower's Cove, is about 4 km from the start.  Flower's Cove Hike 'n' Picnic offers the true Newfoundland "boil up" experience.

Both trails offer spectacular coastal scenery and plenty of chances to see icebergs, wildlife and seabirds, as well as various local berries, in season.

Visit Hike Discovery for more information and maps.


Former Elliston Ridge Air Station Remains

Elliston Ridge is the former site of a manned Gap Filler radar station, built for the United States Air Force.  The site was established in 1957, and closed in 1961.  Foundations of buildings can still be seen on top of the ridge, as well as breathtaking views of the area.  *Ridge is not accessible by car at this time.   

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