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The Puffin Site

The Elliston Puffin Site is situated just a half kilometre from the Elliston Municipal Park. It is one of the best accessible places in North America to view this provincial bird.

Between May and September, the colorful auks occupy a section of land at the end of a rocky outcrop. Less than a five minute walk on a narrow path, well worn by thousands of visitors, will bring you to what is known to locals as “the Puffin Site.”

A 1987 census estimated 2500 pairs of puffins visited the coast of Elliston; but, in recent years the number has increased dramatically. Explore the site yourself or take advantage of an interpreter on site.

  • Visitation to the site is free.

  • A donation box is provided and funds collected here are used for promotion and related tourism initiatives.

Learn all about puffins here-

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